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8 Essential Products For Your Daily Skincare Routine

oil for face - natural skincare - maria gabriela de faria

Every woman wishes to enjoy a healthy and radiant complexion without having to deal with dreading skin concerns. If you have already explored the topic of skincare, you must have noticed the great extent of products available on the market. This naturally raises the question: “Which product should I use to maintain a healthy appearance?”. Knowing how difficult designing the perfect skincare regimen can be, we’re here today to talk about essential skincare products you should use daily.

So, without further ado, let’s take the first step toward healthier, glowy skin!

The importance of following a daily skincare routine

Some people are blessed with spotless skin, while others have to really work their way to improve their appearance. However, no matter how much effort you need to put in, you should stick to a daily skin regimen to help keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Moreover, using the right products will also help you prevent breakouts and slow down the natural aging process, which we're sure will make you feel more confident in your own skin.

Now that you know the basic benefits of following a daily routine, let’s explore the essential skincare products you need to use in every step of it. While every skin is different and requires that you adjust the products and routine to its unique needs, we’re here today to introduce you to the basic product types. This information will later help you find the ideal skincare products that will work wonders on your face.

Essential skincare products you should use every day

Generally speaking, your daily regimen should be divided into morning and nighttime routines. The purpose of following skincare steps twice daily is to ensure your skin is clean and fresh, all while staying deeply hydrated. Since we’ve spoken about the steps of each regimen in a previous post, we’re now going to move directly to exploring all the essential products you should have in your cupboard. 


Cleanser is the first one of the essential products you should use. You can also find them under the name face washes, which clearly suggests they’re used for watching and cleansing your skin. You should use a cleanser twice a day, both in your morning and nighttime routine, to get rid of all the impurities on the surface of your skin. By impurities, we mean all the dirt, sebum, bacteria, and makeup that can affect your skin's health if you don’t remove them. 


After cleansing your face, the next step in your daily skin regimen is using a toner. Toners are liquid products that, depending on their ingredients, can be used for different purposes. For example, you can use a toner to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the surface, reduce the size of your pores, and help treat breakouts and acne.


Another one of the essential skincare products you should use - and which many women often skip- is serum. Depending on the type of serum you choose, you will experience different benefits. Some act as exfoliators, some have a moisturizing effect, while others can improve irritation and dry skin. The role of serums is to provide concentrated amounts of the active ingredient. You can also use several types to act on different conditions, although it’s best to speak to a dermatologist to see whether they’re compatible. 

Eye cream

Although you probably know that using a face cream is a must, you might not be aware of the importance of incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine. Since the skin around your eyes is thinner and much more delicate, eye creams are specifically formulated to improve its condition. The way they work is by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making the area more firm, and getting rid of dark circles and undereye bags. Dermatologists advise that it’s better to use eye cream at night because the skin can rejuvenate while you sleep. 


The next product is the moisturizer, which keeps your skin soft and well-hydrated. Moreover, they also improve its barrier, making it stronger and more resistant to external impacts. The type of moisturizer you choose should depend on your unique skin type. For example, if you have oily or combination skin, you should opt for a lightweight moisturizer in the form of lotion or gel. For dry skin, however, choose a thicker consistency product that will give it an extra boost of hydration. 

Night cream

As the name suggests, night creams should be used as part of your nighttime skincare routine. These products create a beneficial barrier that seals hydration and prevents your skin from getting too dry while you sleep. For best effects, choose a night cream that contains anti-aging ingredients and let it work its magic while you’re resting in your beauty sleep.


We are very happy that sunscreen has become part of the essential skincare products every woman should use. This is now regarded as the most important step in everyone’s routine, no matter the season, skin type, and age. Make sure to choose a consistency that will best match your skin type, and enjoy wrinkle-free skin for years!

Spot treatment

Finally, if you’re suffering from breakout or acne, you should consider including a spot treatment in your daily skin regimen. There are tons of products on the market you can use, so make sure you do your research to choose the one that will improve your skin’s condition. You can always consult a dermatologist to help you get the best treatment for the quickest results.

Caring for your skin is an incredibly rewarding task, which can’t be possible without using the essential skincare products we’ve mentioned above. If you still haven’t created a shopping list, use this guide as a reference to getting everything you need to improve your appearance. Check out our blog for more useful advice. And don’t forget to visit our shop to purchase natural products for the best effect! 



About Tierra by Maria

Tierra by Maria is a skincare brand, founded by Maria Gabriela de Faria, that is dedicated to creating high-quality, natural, and vegan products that nourish and protect the skin. Our products are formulated with only the highest-quality, plant-based ingredients to provide the best possible skincare experience.

We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, and we never test our products on animals. Our line includes a variety of products for all skin types and concerns, including cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and more. Whether you're looking for a daily skincare routine or a solution to a specific skin concern, Tierra by Maria has something for you. Shop now and experience the power of natural skincare!